Why We Buy Things We Don’t Need

You know that feeling of standing in your closet filled with clothes, but you have nothing to wear? Most people believe that feeling is the brainchild of evil of branding and marketing experts conspiring to make you addicted to wanting more stuff. Trust me, marketers wish they could dupe you into buying things you don’t want. Heck, I’d…

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The Real Reason Self-Promotion Sucks

No one likes promoting themselves. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and it feels icky. You think to yourself, “I’m not a sales person. I’m the subject matter expert. I shouldn’t have to do this. I’m above this.” And then one of four things happens: You start to explore your paid-ad options because the thought of organically growing…

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How to Write a Good Customer Survey

“Are you afraid of the impending revolution of the robots taking over the world or do you feel completely safe and not at all worried about A.I. technology?” That wasn’t a joke. A real surveyor for a real (and prestigious!) institution asked me this. A pollster had called and I agreed to “answer a few…

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Why Is Marketing So Confusing?

When you ask a marketer what they do, you get a politician’s answer: lots of words, yet somehow, nothing of substance is actually said. “We bring innovation throughout our projects and push technology as well as strategy to help our clients achieve success” What does that even mean? It’s code for: “We’re not sure what we do…

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