They Say If I Have a Photo Here

It Will Increase My Conversion Rates



Hi, I'm Margo. I don't know how to grow your business, build your email list, or increase traffic to your site.

If you are here looking for answers to the tactical parts of your business, I'm guessing we have bigger problems. Which is where I might actually be useful. 

Columbia gave me a graduate degree in psychology (suckers), so I'm qualified to talk about it on the internet.

To be clear, I can't fix your brain or your business. But I can explain why you're stuck and offer some suggestions as to how we can get you out of your own way so you stop looking to strangers on the internet for your answers.

For the good stuff, you'll want to be on my email list (see below). This website is mostly for articles, my running list of books worth your time, and my virtual coworking space for solopreneurs which you can read about here.

"You're a breath of fresh air in a world of bullsh*t." - Carolynn A., a reader I swear I did not pay to say that.

In the meantime, here are some articles: