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mail and poems

There are piles of mail that live on my kitchen counter. It did not used to be like this. It used to be I was organized and uncluttered, but now it seems there are piles everywhere. Piles in the car, piles on the couch, piles on the desk. I don’t know how they arrive; they (…)

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group of people over 50 middle age taking a photo with drinks, representing how some people want and choose this life and find meaning in it while others clearly do not want to be there

At least he’s consistent

They say it is a mark of intelligence to be able to change your mind. Watching the news [​which you should not​] you’d think the opposite. “Flip flopper!” gets lobbed against political candidates as a sign of non-reliability. A mark against you. When really, it’s the hallmark of a good leader. When you vote for (…)

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Why Doing Creative Work Will Save Your Life

Creativity is not in conflict with what is essential to survive. It is vital to survival. Yes, Kyle, I know it’s not bread. It is soul sustenance. In my life, I’ve watched many people I love commit soul suicide in the name of preservation. I’m not convinced it’s worth it. Suffering is inevitable in life. To suffer gratuitously (…)

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Psychological Honesty: The Road To Self-Actualization

“But what do you WANT to write about?” I asked him again. He couldn’t answer. He said he wanted to write a book. But he was lying. Every answer was a well-thought-out formula. An idea that could be. A template. An approach. He was a strong writer in that he was great with words. He (…)

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Why Open AI ChatGPT Will Not Ruin Writing, But We Will

This is my least favorite topic at the moment because, well, outrage is profoundly boring to me. But enough people have asked me to comment on ChatGPT so here we are. Am I worried about it. What are my thoughts. What will happen to writing and writers and original thought!  I’ll start with the punchline: (…)

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Clear is Kind: Why You Should Endure The Discomfort of Being Direct

There is no such thing as a friendly reminder. “Friendly reminders” are passive-aggressive roundabout ways of avoiding direct communication and clarifying your position. There are fascinating reasons why we do this, which Dr. Harriett Lerner, Patron Saint Of All Things Anger, talks about in detail here. The gist is that many of us avoid conflict (…)

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Decent Human Beings

Out of nowhere, I heard a crash. Two books came tumbling down from the bookshelf. I have no idea how. Nothing moved, no one touched them, there wasn’t an earthquake. I was on the other side of the room. Everyone knows that if books are gonna fall from the sky  (err— my bookshelf) you must open (…)

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The Privilege of Dreaming

About 90 years ago, my great-grandfather brought my great-grandmother from a small farm town to The Big City.  And then he promptly left.  Started a new family with another woman.  And was never heard from again. My grandmother was eight-years-old. I don’t know if my great-grandmother had dreams beyond getting herself out of a terrible (…)

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