Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday


Required reading for anyone who uses the internet.


Ryan Holiday clears his conscience in this tell-all from his life as a media manipulator, aka: Someone who controls the news cycle and uses it to make money, at the expense of integrity, reporting, and facts.

He explains how media is having a renaissance in yellow journalism (basically, lying to sell things) thanks to the internet. The current business model has everyone is chasing clicks and impressions in order to get paid, which leaves content susceptible to exploitation and manipulation (aka: “we’ll do anything for a click”).

Holiday figured out how to exploit this in order to get his clients press and spread misinformation for the sake of controversy and PR. He lays it all out and you’ll be shocked at how you’ve been complicit in this conspiracy too.


You’ll become “that person” at dinner who informs everyone of what you just learned. Also, the book gets a little repetitive half way through, but the message is important enough that it’s worth repeating for emphasis.