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livin' the dream, photo of family on the beach

Livin the Dream (But Whose Dream Is It?)

Dreaming is a topic we reserve for Kindergarten and elementary school. I move we upgrade this topic to an adult one because we’re making a royal mess of it lately. We’ve confused dreams with escapism and naivety. And we’ve normalized pedestaling the dreams of those who came before us over our own, resulting in outcomes (…)

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The Invention of The “Hysterical” Woman

I’m reading a fantastic book you need to add to your list called, Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft. It’s about abuse. I know, light reading for your morning, but stay with me. I’d heard it recommended before but didn’t think it was relevant to my life. I was wrong. Something I learned (…)

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The Media’s Integrity Problem

Last week, I shared that I had experienced an unexpected and very sudden divorce. What I didn’t share was thanks to the very public nature of my ex-husband’s job, I had a front-row seat to the vitriolic and unethical world of politics and media – and the absolutely corrupt and coordinated relationship between them. I (…)

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Good Guys and Bad Guys

There are no good guys and bad guys. We’ll start with the punchline. I’ve tried really hard to divide the world into them. It would be easier if people were all good or all bad. EVIL VS VIRTUE. CRUEL VS KIND. LOVE VS HATE. JUSTICE VS INJUSTICE. None of these dichotomies are real. Often cruelty comes from (…)

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Why Open AI ChatGPT Will Not Ruin Writing, But We Will

This is my least favorite topic at the moment because, well, outrage is profoundly boring to me. But enough people have asked me to comment on ChatGPT so here we are. Am I worried about it. What are my thoughts. What will happen to writing and writers and original thought!  I’ll start with the punchline: (…)

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Decent Human Beings

Out of nowhere, I heard a crash. Two books came tumbling down from the bookshelf. I have no idea how. Nothing moved, no one touched them, there wasn’t an earthquake. I was on the other side of the room. Everyone knows that if books are gonna fall from the sky  (err— my bookshelf) you must open (…)

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Rich, Powerful, and Empty

Tommy. F&^#king. Shelby. (You have to read that in a Birmingham British accent: Foooohhhk-ing) Tommy Foooohhhk-ing Shelby is the protagonist of Netflix’s best series of all time: Peaky Blinders. I’ve watched the entire six seasons from start to finish many times (#protip use captions) and each time my love/hate for this man grows. He is (…)

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But She’s a Good Person

I’m learning a lot about the Midwest now that I live here. Drivers are friendlier. Almost anyone will let you into their lane. NO ONE HONKS. They’ll sit at a green light for 45 seconds while you finish your text message and not say a word. They’ll even inquire if you need anything and help (…)

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