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Two fathers and their daughter reading a book

Lecture Series: A Tribute to Dads on Father’s Day

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my dad. We would go on what he called “drives” which were actually him working on weekends, but I had no idea because we talked and sang the entire time. The “drives” were to properties he needed to visit, but to me, they were adventures filled with (…)

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What I Would Like For Mother’s Day

About eight years ago I was at a conference that was mostly a waste of time until the last day when I found myself at a round table with the Patron Saint of Relationship Wisdom,  Dr. Esther Perel.  I couldn’t tell you what someone like Esther  was doing at this godforsaken conference, but I’m thrilled she (…)

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The Media’s Integrity Problem

Last week, I shared that I had experienced an unexpected and very sudden divorce. What I didn’t share was thanks to the very public nature of my ex-husband’s job, I had a front-row seat to the vitriolic and unethical world of politics and media – and the absolutely corrupt and coordinated relationship between them. I (…)

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The Subversive Power of Knowing Your Own Mind

I recently was thrust unexpectedly and unwillingly back into the world of dating. As someone curious about human psychology, it’s been a fascinating gift of content and anthropologic insight. But as a human being with thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants – especially one conditioned as a cishet female – it is horrible. The actual dating (…)

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Good Guys and Bad Guys

There are no good guys and bad guys. We’ll start with the punchline. I’ve tried really hard to divide the world into them. It would be easier if people were all good or all bad. EVIL VS VIRTUE. CRUEL VS KIND. LOVE VS HATE. JUSTICE VS INJUSTICE. None of these dichotomies are real. Often cruelty comes from (…)

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But What If It Works?

Few things are more effective at eradicating a bad mood than a good movie involving unrealistically beautiful people. So when I found myself in a bad mood a few months ago, I chose on a title with Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy and proceeded to get cozy with what I thought would be 122 minutes (…)

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Let It Be Worth Your Time

It’s Charlotte Brontë’s fault. The first third of Jane Eyre is unbearably boring and then – out of nowhere – you cannot put it down. As a result, I’m committed to slogging through books I should quit on because just maybe they’ll redeem themselves two-quarters of the way through. That is why my inability to (…)

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pond surrounded by rocks and trees - reference to walden pond thoreau

Sick Burn, Thoreau

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. That’s the quote from Walden. The one everyone and their mom cites as their motivation for quitting their job or leaving their spouse or starting a side hustle and becoming a nomad! Take life by the horns! LIVE! Do not become one of them. Living the unexamined life, (…)

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