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Why Doing Creative Work Will Save Your Life

Creativity is not in conflict with what is essential to survive.

It is vital to survival.

Yes, Kyle, I know it’s not bread. It is soul sustenance.

In my life, I’ve watched many people I love commit soul suicide in the name of preservation.

I’m not convinced it’s worth it. Suffering is inevitable in life. To suffer gratuitously and call it sacrifice or hustle, for ends you don’t value, using means that rip your integrity to shreds – it’s not worth it.

Creativity is the path to connection. It’s the thing that connects us to our humanity.

It fires up your will to live, without which, what are we doing?

The crisis of soul suicide, destroying yourself to be something you’re not – it will kill you.

It might not be an immediate death. It might be worse. It might be a lifetime of bitterness, resentment, anger, and pain.

You have a chance to save yourself when you light up your insides.

That is what protects you from calcifying into bitterness, resentment, anger, and pain. That is what prevents you from destroying your soul.

Spending time doing something you love – something that lights you up – something you dream about – is not the same as escaping reality, avoiding responsibilities, or being selfish.

It is the pathway to our shared humanity (the antidote to dehumanization, which is currently happening at an alarming rate).

I am not arguing for indulgence. I am arguing for joy.

Bring your creative self to life.

Reconnect to who you are.

Because you can. Because it will save your life.



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