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Hillary and Margo YELL AT WEBSITES: #HAMYAW is here

It was a cold and rainy night in Manhattan. Two well-dressed women were out for dinner when they decided to class-it-up and get some cheap beer at a local pub.

And that night.

Magic happened.

Woman #1, who we will heretofore refer to as “Margo,” was lamenting how awkward and weird she is on camera, despite being exceptionally loud in real life.

“Whel. We can fix that! GIMME YOUR PHONE.”

Woman #2 grabbed Margo’s phone and began what history books would later call, “The Night HAMYAW Was Born.”

Here’s how it happened:

Woman #2 began insta-living on Margo’s phone, exposing the world to her awkwardness on camera. In an act of retaliation, Margo stole Woman #2’s phone and began preaching the gospel of godknowswhat to her followers.

Now, for this story to make sense you need to know that Woman #2 was “Hillary Weiss, The Great Dynamo Hustler.” She may be the only person on the planet louder than Margo and definitely funnier.

That is how things escalated quickly into Margo and Hillary YELLING at their phones in a random dive bar about websites. The most shocking part of it all: people loved it. DMs flooded their inboxes and since Margo and Hillary are suckers for attention and applause they thought, “LET’S GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!”

Which they reasonably concluded was more them.


The strategy was simple and executable. Get on your computer. Start talking. Record it. Put it out for the world to see. But here’s the thing: when you ask two marketers to market something of their own things can get messy. Over-strategized, overcomplicated, and completely and utterly distracted from what actually matters (THE YELLING, obviously).

So, to avoid that mess, they decided a simple MVP would do the trick. They threw something together, slapped it on Facebook, then slapped it on YouTube, and now here we are.

In this very first episode of HAMYAW, Margo and Hillary rip apart their own first websites. You’ll learn the story behind Margo’s infamous banner copy and get a peek at Hillary’s atrocious 2012 pricing. You’ll get a close look at the rookie copy and CRO mistakes we made (BUT SUCCEEDED IN SPITE OF THEM MUAHAHAHAHA).

If you like it and want to see more, let us know (@margoaaron or @hillaryweiss). The more compliments you give us, the more yelling we will produce.