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Brace For Impact

I’m fighting every bone in my body that wants to win the Performance Activism Anti-Racist Olympics right now. Drive-by activism is appealing. I get to post and share and it doesn’t actually cost me anything.

Listen, I am nowhere near qualified to address what’s happening right now and am in the midst of confronting my own complicity in a system designed to oppress people I love and care about.

To that end, Hillary and I are pausing the release of this week’s #HAMYAW (not ironically titled ‘Burn It Down’) and instead I’d like to redirect yall to some resources:

  • Here is an anti-racist primer with all the links you’ve ever wanted to the questions you’re terrified to ask. (It also has my favorite sub-head of all time. The box on the top gets an A+ for great copy and displays IMO why everything you’ve ever learned about copy matters.)
  • For my visual people: Here is the 1619 Project a stunning illustrative depiction of how we got to here
  • And, finally, this satisfying and sobering thread that rips the “but black-on-black crime!” retort to shreds

As you consume the onslaught of resources coming your way, remember: Question your biases, challenge your assumptions, and lean into the discomfort of what you don’t know. This is a marathon. Not a sprint.

You are better than the dumpster fire of intellectual laziness going on around us. Deploy empathy. Hold space for the anger. Lead with compassion. Brace for impact.

Because we want impact. Depth of impact. Not drive-by activism.

With love,