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What Is The Point of This Meeting?

Finding the perfect coffee shop is a commitment. Of love, but also, practicality. Your perfect place needs reliable wifi, access to outlets, decent lighting, comfy seats, and most of all – No interruptions. No one who speaks to you when you have headphones on, no one taking a personal call on speakerphone (WHY do people (…)

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Why I Shut Down The Arena

There’s The Business You Can Run and The Business You Should. Which One Is This?

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The Secret Advantage of Peer Pressure

When you’re a kid they warn you about “peer pressure.” I remember being very concerned about this. One day a kid would come up to me and ask me to do drugs. And I’d be like “NO!” and make my 4th-grade class proud! I was a cute little 4th grader. As you know from your (…)

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