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Bro, Do You Even Boundaries?

​You know how Derek Sivers says, “it’s either a hell yes or a no?”

(Those new to our world, educate yourself here.)

Turns out he meant you graduate to “hell yes or no.” You don’t start there. You start by saying yes to EVERYTHING first. 

Which is exactly what I did when I started, Argotics, LLC.

You need a rebrand? Yes. CRO? Yes. Social strategy? Yes. Market research? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I WILL DO ALL THE THINGS.

I also answered all the phone calls, replied to all the emails/texts/DMs, went to every meeting, and flew to every IRL office thing I needed to be at. You think you’re hustling? BRO, YOUR HUSTLE HAS NOTHING ON MY HUSTLE!

I knew pretty early on that I was never going to be the smartest one in the room, so I learned how to be the hardest working one. That did wonders for my street cred at the bro table (we know how I feel about that table), and basically destroyed everything else that mattered about my life. Something I wrote about here.

What I haven’t written about is how the heck you go from “It’s cool, I’m just letting everyone step all over my boundaries,” to “Hi, Margo isn’t in right now, but she can schedule you for Office Hours in 2 weeks.”

Boundaries, bro.

I thought I was the queen of garbage boundaries, but turns out I’ve met my match and her name is Hillary Weiss. Obviously, we had to talk about it, which is why this week’s, “Hillary and Margo Yell At Websites,” is about b-o-u-n-d-a-r-i-e-s. 

Don’t worry, we don’t give you an oversimplified solution like “Use Boomerang.” (Lies. I 100% totally say that.)(But a tactic isn’t a solution, ok, THERE’S A DEEPER ISSUE CLICKBAIT DOESN’T SOLVE AND THIS CONVERSATION DOES!!)​

Because, to quote Hillary, “if you don’t have boundaries in your business, chances are you don’t have boundaries in your life.​” 💥


– Margo Aaron, Recovering Trash Boundaries Offender

PS: One of the more unexpected parts of this conversation, IMO, is what Hill brings up here about how the corporate world rewards trash boundaries. Things like “team player,” “entrepreneurial spirit,” “problem solver,” are all code for, “We Expect You To Do More Work Than You’re Being Paid.”

We love ourselves a junior associate who “goes the extra mile” (answers calls on nights and weekends) and “puts in the hours” (eats dinner at the office every night) because she’s “committed” (doesn’t have kids or (worse) pretends not to). Watch the conversation here.

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