If you’re naive awesome enough to still want to change the world, you’re in the right place.



Margo Aaron Participation Trophy Headshot for That Seems Important

Hi, I’m Margo Aaron, former psychological-researcher turned stranger on the internet that you’re reading right now. 


A few years ago, someone asked me what happened to my “drive to save the world.”

Nothing happened.

Making money and world-saving are not diametrically opposed. 

If we’re going to be friends, I need you to understand that you need both the passion for making change and a staunch grip of capitalism (conscious capitalism).

You don’t have to fund the next TOMS or quit everything, move to a third world country, and start an NGO in order to make a difference.

You just have to give AF care. And stop wasting so much time judging yourself.

My goal with That Seems Important is to shift your perspective of what it means to be successful and change the world.

We’ll cover things like:

  • Mastering your own inner psychology
  • The uncomfortable truth behind what it takes to lead
  • Why you need to embrace business, sales, and marketing if you want to make progress
  • Psychology, mental health, marketing, content, personal growth, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, leadership, and other keywords that will help me rank on Google so someone actually sees this.

Because…that seems important?

(You had to see that coming.)


OK, now we can get to the stuff you’re here for: Judging Margo’s credentials

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