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How To Deal With Creative Embarrassment

I have a theory about what sets makers apart from everyone else.

[not sure what a maker is? Click here.]

It’s our propensity to make complete and utter fools of ourselves, regularly; or what my co-host Hillary and I like to call, “Creative Embarrassment.

Creative embarrassment is a result of living in “The Arena.” The Arena is the place where your work meets the world.

Where your software meets a user
Where your painting meets a customer 
Where your book meets a reader
Where your product meets the market 
Where your performance meets an audience
Where your idea meets resistance 

If ridicule is a possible outcome, you’re in the Arena.

Which is why Hillary and I wanted to talk about how to deal with creative embarrassment so it doesn’t derail you, in this week’s episode of Hillary and Margo Yell at Websites #HAMYAW.

In this episode, we share our first memories of creative embarrassment, which may or may not involve dance and fan fiction.

Some of my favorite highlights from the episode:

10:50 The difference between praise, criticism, and feedback 
11:30 Why being “brutally honest” with feedback isn’t helpful 
13:18 Why audience reaction has little to do with you 
15:11 “There’s a difference between a fundamental problem with your work and YOU being flawed.”
18:47 Don’t knock motivation — why it’s imperative to find those things that keep you going 

And despite the somber-ish tone of this article, this might be our most hilarious episode yet.

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