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When Did It Stop Being Fun?

happy kid play superhero having fun

For me, it was 10th grade. It was fun till about 10th grade. Up until that point, being rated “average” didn’t really matter because you actually learned something and that was more important. But in high school that changes. If you’re average, you can’t get into a good college. You can’t get a (good) (well…

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The New Rules of Gift Giving

wrapped gift for holidays

It was awkward. The couch was sweaty. Probably because I was nervous. I don’t know. All I knew was it was uncomfortable. We’d decided not to do gifts that holiday season. It felt like a scene out of 20th century England. No one said anything directly, but their faces were judging us. We’d made a…

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The Dangerous Problem of Lazy Content

There’s a scene in the new Ghostbuster’s movie where Abby points to the reality TV show “Ghost Hunters” and goes, “See! This is why people don’t take us seriously!” That’s how I feel every time I open my browser and see headlines like “3 Ways To Make More Money By the Holidays.” It’s not a bad headline. On the contrary,…

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Why You Shouldn’t Have a Marketing Department (Have This Instead)


You know how you aggressively brush your teeth the night before a dentist appointment? Like, if you just brush REALLY hard, your dentist won’t notice that you haven’t been flossing those back teeth for months. It never works. Your dentist always notices because she’s a dentist. It’s her job to know you’ve been half-assing your…

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The Real Reason Things Go Viral (It’s Not The Algorithm)

Man and Woman talking in park white shirts

For 24 hours this week, I lost my mind. I read this article and my brain went, “STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. TELL EVERYONE TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW!!” like it was some sort of content emergency (it wasn’t). Text. Email. Slack. Heck, I’m sharing it with you right now. Turns out, 49,000 other people also lost their…

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