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Margo Aaron has been called smart, provocative, and funny – taking advanced concepts in marketing and psychology and making them palatable for businesses who want to deepen their relationship with their customers, learn how to create compelling content, and take the “icky” part out of their communication.

Topics include:

  • Honest Selling Secrets: Why You Should Manipulate But Not Deceive
  • Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working: 3 Secrets That Are Jeopardizing Your Efforts
  • How Being a Good Student Almost Destroyed My Business
  • The Art of Messiness: Why Doing Things Wrong is The Path to Getting Them Right
  • Why The Key to Effective Communication Is Not Using Words Like Effective Communication
  • How to Write Newsletters Your Customers Actually Open, Read, and Enjoy

Button was looking for a speaker who could bring a fresh perspective and new ideas about marketing and communication to our employees. Margo nailed it. She was energetic, engaging, and left us with tips and strategies we’re all excited to try out, both in and out of the office. She’s smart, hilarious, and a total delight to work with. We can’t recommend her enough! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!” -Stephanie Mardell, Head of People, Button

To inquire about Margo’s availability, please contact ohhey@thatseemsimportant.com


In these interactive corporate workshops, Margo trains your staff on the foundational principles (in a way that doesn’t bore them to death) and then provides actionable next steps guaranteed to resuscitate and energize your content, blogs, newsletters, and staff.

  • Content That Converts: How To Write Pieces That Provoke Action
  • Newsletter BootCamp:  Engineering Emails People Actually Open And Enjoy 

These workshops address commonly asked questions like:

  • Does design matter as much as we think?
  • What’s the difference between headlines and subject lines?
  • Why do people open emails?
  • How do you get readers to read to the end of an article?
  • How can you create a compelling call-to-action that actually converts?

Contact ohhey@thatseemsimportant.com to request a workshop 


TSI Arena
Get access to Margo regularly as part of her virtual coworking space. The TSI Arena is a virtual coworking space designed specifically for solopreneurs with online businesses and virtual companies.

The space includes virtual events such as happy hours and “marketing strategy smackdowns,” instant access to quality like-minded solopreneurs (no wantrepreneurs), as well as resources for growing your business.

To learn more and see if you qualify, please click here.

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