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Here are some ways we can work together:


Be Good At Sales (Without Compromising Your Ethics)

Overcome your barriers to self-promotion and reshape your relationship to sales so you stop being intimidated by sales and start being GREAT at it, without feeling like a sleaze. This is a 19-minute course that reviews the 6-rules of ethical selling and teaches you how to sell in a way that’s convincing, honest, and effective.
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Learn How To Write Copy That Attracts The Right Customers

Headline School is the first copywriting course that teaches you how to be "good enough to be dangerous." Learn how to write copy that attracts the right people to your products and services - without sacrificing your morals. We'll teach you how to go from "What the heck am I doing?" to "OOOO I get how this works" in this self-paced online course.

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Find Your Voice

Voice Lessons is Margo's exclusive 1:1 service that helps you find and use your voice to stand out online. Learn how to sound like yourself and attract the right customers, readers, and fans to your platform.

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Make Time For Writing

Ignition is a 30-day group coaching program that helps you make your writing a priority. It's designed for content creators who want to write for themselves, not just their business. If you have pieces you've been "meaning" to get to and would like to finally finish them, come check us out.

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Talk To Me

If you’d like my opinion on your writing or marketing efforts, you can schedule a call here. If you'd like to apply to work with me privately, check out Voice Lessons above.

For speaking and press inquiries please email hello [at] thatseemsimportant [dot] com.


What People Say About Working With Margo

Jocelyn Ring"I get my ass in the chair every day, so it's a practice now. I finally have a plan to create content on a personal brand platform. That had me stuck for a year."

- Jocelyn Ring, Founder, The Ring Effect


Ozan Varol

"Margo is a rock star. I gained more insights from a one-hour conversation with her than I would have in weeks of fumbling around with the marketing for my coaching service. She has a rare acumen for asking the right questions to understand you and your offer and then translating that into a captivating marketing strategy. The value I received from the call far exceeds her rate. If she's amenable to helping you, don't hesitate to work with her." - Ozan Varol, Author, "Think Like a Rocket Scientist"


allison-harbin-400x400"In one hour you helped me clarify so much about my own writing generally and with copy— so psyched I'm taking this class! It’s everything I vaguely knew I needed but didn’t know how to do."

- Allison Harbin, Author of Post-PhD The Blog


Michael Donaldson

"I learned more by going through the critique and help on my landing page text than I have in most any other online course/workshop I've participated in."
- Michael Donaldson, Founder, 8D Sync


"Margo is what you need to reach the next level. You don’t need lessons on grammar or sentence structure. You need to learn about finding your voice and the science behind engaging your reader."

- Dr. Robert Zeitlin, Positive Psychologist, founder of super.BUILD


"None of this would be in motion if you hadn't told me to keep going 18 months ago. " - Maggie Frank Hsu, Founder MFH Consulting


Kristine Storie Xtend BArre

"Your P.S. is exactly the reason my business is successful.  I figured that out, with your help, years ago!  It's tedious, but it works" -- Kristine Storie, Owner Xtend Barre Brooklyn



Christina Salerno"I love Margo’s ability to dig into the heart of the matter - with great questions and well-directed answers. We got to the heart of what I really needed and then cut through the b.s. to focus there. She does it with a lot of warmth, but backs it with insanely high emotional intelligence and impressive knowledge of marketing." - Christina Salerno


"My call with Margo was amazing! She brought me more clarity in 45 minutes than other consultants / coaches has brought me in the last 6 months. Not only is she honest and brings a genuine energy that is rare in our time, she has an innate ability to make one feel at ease. After all she gave me some follow up notes and to does which was really helpful." - Alexandra Hall


"Margo listened and helped me cut through the fog and I came away with actions that I could implement and have the start of a road map. It was quite a relief when Margo explained what I didn't need to do. That I need to be present where my market is and forget everything else. And that was just the start of the call."  - John Holcroft


joe-nissim"Margo took what would have been a six-month process and condensed into 6 weeks. She saved me hours upon hours of frustration and provided infinite amounts of clarity. She takes the hardest tasks and breaks them into simple steps and pushes business owners in the direction they need to be pushed."- Joe Nissim, Founder, Strengthlete


"Absolutely brilliant class, and so well explained! Thank you so much! I am also an academic (approaching recovery and applying for a sales-related role), and I was terrified. You have taken that fear away - Annika Szameitat, SkillShare Student


chloe-mason-gray-bio-300x300"You organized the clutter in my brain so that I could move forward. I felt like I had a million things I needed to do and didn't know which ones to start with. I felt clear on my next steps the second after we got off the phone." - Chloe Gray, Founder, One Hour Behind


Caleb Frankel"I was amazed at the insight she provided in a such a short time by applying her expertise to my niche and foreign market as if she were an expert within it. I consider myself a novice marketer but came away feeling reassured and with a refreshing and clear strategy. Margo's passion for marketing was obvious but her ability to harness it into impactful strategy advice was most remarkable!" - Caleb Frankel


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