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Write For You - ignition writing accountability group

Join Ignition and Put Your Writing First 

"I used to think about writing more than I'd actually write. It was like I was waiting for permission or inspiration before starting." - Irina P., Ignition alum 

We all want inspiration before starting. Who can write without The Muse?! Well, you. You are going to learn to write without her because she’s really unreliable and if we wait for her you’re only going to write once every 3 years. 

The Muse is like your favorite flakey cousin. You love when she shows up at Thanksgiving because everything is more fun, but you never know which Thanksgiving she’s actually gonna show up for. 

Without The Muse there are a million (very legitimate) reasons to quit and try again later, which is why we created Ignition: To give you permission and space to work on your own stuff.

We are going to get you out of your head and onto the page.

Anne Lamott

"This is way more than a 30-day accountability group"

Ignition will completely transform how you think about your writing practice and give you the tools to keep going on your own after the program ends.
Meilssa Howard Ignition
"Ignition showed me the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are also doing the work and are there to cheer for the wins and encourage you when you are stuck.  - Melissa H.
Meg Casebolt Digital

"I have less perfectionism around my writing -- it's a little less precious. Sometimes the words just need to come out, it doesn't matter how they show up." - Meg C.


Sara Frandina Ignition 2

"Margo not only shows up as the writing coach you never knew you needed, but she also curates an amazing group of people to surround yourself with as you embark upon your own writing goals." - Sara F.

Justine Sones

"I've written more in the first two weeks of Ignition than I have in MONTHS" - Justine S.

Ignition will help you create momentum with your writing so you can focus on the things you've been putting off.


FINISH that chapter you've been working on, COMPLETE the shitty first draft of your short story, CREATE that blog you've been dreaming about, PUBLISH those articles floating around your content calendar, WRITE those emails you've been "meaning to write" for the last few months.

We will teach you how to set reasonable + achievable writing goals, hold you accountable, and keep you motivated to continue writing.

We're a 4-week blend of coaching, accountability, and peer support that's 100% virtual. We use email, Slack, and Zoom to help you build your writing habit and get back to working on the things you WANT to work on.

Let Us Help You Get Your Writing DONE

margret atwood quote writing

"I Can't Believe It's Actually DONE" - Christina W.


Jocelyn Ring"I get my ass in the chair every day, so it's a practice now. I finally have a plan to create content on a personal brand platform. That had me stuck for a year."

- Jocelyn Ring, Founder, The Ring Effect


allison-harbin-400x400"In one hour you helped me clarify so much about my own writing — so psyched! It’s everything I vaguely knew I needed but didn’t know how to do"

- Allison Harbin, Author of Post-PhD The Blog


"None of this would be in motion if you hadn't told me to keep going 18 months ago. " - Maggie Frank Hsu, Founder MFH Consulting


Somerset Quote 2

You need a kick in the ass to (ahem) ignite your writing habit? WE GOT YOU. 


Weekly Lessons: Each week you'll get a lesson delivered via email designed to help you sit your bum down and write. You'll discuss with your peers on slack. or ignore it completely BECAUSE YOU'RE WRITING.

Bi-Weekly Accountability: (as in TWICE a week) We're checking in on Monday and Friday. Monday, you'll set your goals for the week and Friday you'll tell us how you did. We'll track you down if you haven't gotten back to us to make sure you stay on track. 

Motivation + Inspiration: Don't you eye-roll me. This shiz is hard. Being inspired helps a lot MFer.

Creative Allies: You'll get access to our Slack group where you'll find channels designed to help you KEEP GOING. You can reach out to others to tear apart your drafts, work through a creative block, ask dumb questions, and vent/complain/inspire/encourage/allthethings.

Weekly Group Coaching + Hot Seats: Once a week, we'll come together on Zoom and talk through what you're working on, where you're stuck, and help you set realistic goals you'll actually follow through on.

We'll help you set realistic goals you'll actually follow through on.

Margo Aaron Hi, I'm Margo Aaron. Writer at That Seems Important and creator of Ignition.

For the last 3 years, I've worked with hundreds of creative professionals looking for that balance between doing work that matters and work that pays the bills. Seeking some way to bridge the gap.

Here's what I've observed in my years as a marketing consultant, writing coach, and psychological researcher:

If you are a writer in your soul you can't not write.

Brene Brown's work taught us that "unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes." Which means it's your duty to pay attention to that feeling inside that says, "I NEED TO CREATE SOMETHING." It's a matter of your own health.

There are a million legitimate reasons not to write. And only one legitimate reason to do it: Because you can't not do it.

Writing for yourself NEVER becomes a priority until YOU make it one.

You're a better parent, a better friend, a better freelancer, a better everything, when you give yourself permission to work on your own stuff.

Let us help you keep the commitments you make to yourself.

Join Ignition and Start Writing For Yourself Again

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What Time Zone will this be in?

If you're interested in joining the weekly group coaching sessions, they'll be Eastern Standard Time (EST). They will be recorded so if you need to miss any, you’ll still get access to the content. You will also have the option to self-organize events.

When will this start?

Our next session begins on March 30th

How much is it?


Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, two installments of $550

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

We expect our participants to do the work, come prepared, and implement what they're taught. We cannot make you do it, but we can make our MBG contingent upon it. If you find within the first 7 days that this is not for you, then email [email protected] with your completed assignments and a detailed account of your grievance and we will refund your investment. We want people here who want to be here. And we hope that's you. In the event that it isn't, we understand and wish you the best.

How much homework will there be?

The only *work* you have to do is your own writing. Our assignments aren't writing assignments so much as accountability assignments. You will be required, for example, to tell the group what your goals are and how you're doing. We want you to use each other for support.

How involved will you be?

I'll be live on the hot seats and working on keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes. But I will not be providing individual feedback on your work. That you will give to each other.

What if I'm in Australia or Europe?

Join us! We've worked on virtual programs with people from all continents. The more of you there are, the more we can accommodate everyone's timezone. If there is a big critical mass of people from your time zone, we'll rearrange or add events in your zone.

What if I have other questions?

Send em over to margo[at]thatseemsimportant[dot]com.


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