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Become The Prolific Writer You Know You Are


Put an End to Creative Procrastination and Get The Support You Need To Stay Consistent And Keep Writing




Ready to write the pieces you've been "meaning" to get to? Let's put an end to that daily struggle between whether you should write or not today. Ignition is going to put WRITING on the top of your to-do list. For 30 days. 

Introducing Ignition: The 30-day Group Coaching Program That Gives You Permission To Prioritize The Writing You've Been Meaning To Get To

Write For You - ignition writing accountability group

So, part of this is a sequencing issue: You need to finish the things that get you paid and keep the house together before you get to writing.

But that's not the real problem. The real problem is you feel guilty.

If you write something because you want to, if you write something for fun, if you write something because your insides are about to explode because you can't stop thinking about it - You've committed BLASPHEMY!

You feel like you've just committed a crime against your business. And your family. 

You're not allowed to work on stuff that doesn't have a direct ROI and isn't perfectly SEO optimized to bring traffic to your site. I GET IT. Trust me. I live with this conflict too.

We all want to reach that promised land of long-tail rewards for our brilliant thought pieces, but for now, we face that daily conflict between writing for ourselves and writing for our businesses.

I'm going to make the case that this is a false dichotomy. And by not working on the pieces that light you up, you're actually shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to your business.

Margo Aaron That Seems Important Author

Hi, I'm Margo Aaron. Writer at That Seems Important and Creator of Ignition

For the last 3 years, I've worked with hundreds of creative professionals looking for that balance between doing work that matters and work that pays the bills, seeking some way to bridge the gap.

Here's what I've observed in my years as a marketing consultant, writing coach, and psychological researcher:

If you are a writer in your soul you can't not write.

Brene Brown's work taught us that "unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes." Which means it's your duty to pay attention to that feeling inside that says, "I NEED TO CREATE SOMETHING." It's a matter of your own health.

There are a million legitimate reasons not to write. And only one legitimate reason to do it: Because you can't not do it.

Writing for yourself NEVER becomes a priority until YOU make it one.

You're a better parent, a better friend, a better freelancer, a better business owner, a better sales person - a better everything, when you give yourself permission to work on your own stuff.

Let me help you keep the commitments you make to yourself.

Join Ignition and Start Writing Again

For yourself AND your business

"This is way more than a 30-day accountability group"

Ignition will completely transform how you think about your writing and give you the tools to keep going on your own after the program ends.
Meilssa Howard Ignition

"Ignition showed me the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are also doing the work and are there to cheer for the wins and encourage you when you are stuck. I would leave the weekly hot seat calls inspired and fired up to get back to my writing."

- Melissa H.

Meg Casebolt Digital

"I have less perfectionism around my writing -- it's a little less precious. Sometimes the words just need to come out, it doesn't matter how they show up."

- Meg C.


Sara Frandina Ignition 2

"Margo not only shows up as the writing coach you never knew you needed, but she also curates an amazing group of people to surround yourself with as you embark upon your own writing goals."

- Sara F.

Justine Sones

"I've written more in the first two weeks of Ignition than I have in MONTHS.

Ignition made me take my own work seriously, because Margo doesn't let me off the creative hook."

- Justine S.

Irina Pashkova Ignition

"Do Ignition if you postpone your writing now and again. If you catch yourself on making constant excuses and finding reasons for not producing words."

- Irina P.

Focus On The Writing You've Been Putting Off

FINISH that chapter you've been working on, COMPLETE the shitty first draft of your short story, CREATE that blog you've been dreaming about, PUBLISH those articles floating around your content calendar, WRITE those emails you've been "meaning to write" for the last few months.

We will teach you how to set reasonable + achievable writing goals, hold you accountable, and keep you motivated to continue writing.

Ignition a 4-week blend of coaching, accountability, and peer support that's 100% virtual. We use email, Slack, and Zoom to help you follow through and focus on the writing you WANT to be doing.

Let Us Help You Get Your Thoughts Out Of Your Head and Onto The Page

margret atwood quote writing

Here's How Ignition Works:

Imagine 30 days of working on the writing you've been "meaning" to get to

Bi-Weekly Accountability: (as in TWICE a week) We're checking in on you Monday and Friday. Monday, you'll set your goals for the week and Friday you'll tell us how you did. We'll also work with you to help you set realistic goals you'll actually follow through on.

Weekly Group Coaching + Hot Seats: Once a week, we'll come together on Zoom and talk through what you're working on, where you're stuck, and help you set realistic goals you'll actually follow through on.

Weekly Lessons: Each week you'll get a lesson delivered via email designed to help you sit your bum down and write. You'll discuss with your peers on slack. Or ignore it completely BECAUSE YOU'RE WRITING.

Motivation + Inspiration: Don't you eye-roll me. This shiz is hard. Being inspired helps a lot.

Creative Allies: You'll get access to our Slack group where you'll find channels designed to help you KEEP GOING. You can reach out to others to tear apart your drafts, work through a creative block, ask dumb questions, and vent/complain/inspire/encourage/allthethings.

You need a kick in the ass to (ahem) ignite your writing habit? WE GOT YOU. 

"I am realizing what it truly means to be prolific." - Sara F.

Susan Boles

"Bcause of Ignition, I've been consistently writing every day for over a month now, with no sign of stopping. I've been putting out some of my best work and even published my first blog post in about a year!"

- Susan B.

Helen Hill Headshot Ignition

"Ignition gave me the confidence and permission to just write. I've had a few book ideas for years, but never put pen to paper, as I never felt qualified or good enough...and now I have two books in progress."

-Helen H.

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What Time Zone will this be in?

Eastern Standard Time (EST). The group weekly group coaching sessions are on Wednesdays at 3PM EST/12PM PST. They will be recorded so if you need to miss any, you’ll still get access to the content. You will also have the option to self-organize with other members if you like.

When will this start?

Our next session begins on April 6th

How much is it?


Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, two installments of $550 The circumstances are crazy pants right now, so we've added additional payment plan options and removed the financial penalty for choosing a payment plan. Your total will still be $997. There is no financial penalty for choosing a payment plan.

The plans are:

  • 3 monthly payments of $332
  • 12 weekly payments of $83.08

If you need a customized plan for your specific circumstance, we are amenable to creating something that works for you. Like we said, it's crazy times and we don't want payment plans to be the reason you can't join.

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

We expect our participants to do the work, come prepared, and implement what they're taught. We cannot make you do it, but we can make our MBG contingent upon it. If you find within the first 7 days that this is not for you, then email [email protected] with your completed assignments and a detailed account of your grievance and we will refund your investment. We want people here who want to be here. And we hope that's you. In the event that it isn't, we understand and wish you the best.

How much homework will there be?

The only *work* you have to do is your own writing. Our assignments aren't writing assignments so much as accountability assignments. You will be required, for example, to tell the group what your goals are and how you're doing. We want you to use each other for support.

How involved will you be?

I'll be live on the hot seats and working on keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes. But I will not be providing individual feedback on your work. That you will give to each other.

What if I'm in Australia or Europe?

Join us! We've worked on virtual programs with people from all continents. The more of you there are, the more we can accommodate everyone's timezone. If there is a big critical mass of people from your time zone, we'll rearrange or add events in your zone.

What if I have other questions?

Send em over to margo[at]thatseemsimportant[dot]com.


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