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It's Time To Write. ✍🏻


Let's make this thing official.

To secure your spot, please choose from one of the payment options below.


Option 1: $997.

To pay in full, click BUY NOW below:


Option 2: 2-Payments of $550 ($1,100 total).

For our payment plan option, click SUBSCRIBE below:

Because current circumstances are CRAZY PANTS, we're offering more lenient payment plans - with no markups.


Click below to choose the 3-month payment plan option ($332/month for 3 months - $997 total).


Click below to choose the 12-week payment plan option ($83.08/week for 12 weeks - $997 total)



If you would like something more amenable to your specific circumstance, please email Margo (margo [at] thatseemsimportant [dot] com) for more information.


Remind me, is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

We expect our participants to do the work, come prepared, and implement what they're taught. We cannot make you do it, but we can make our MBG contingent upon it. If you find within the first 7 days that this is not for you, then email [email protected] with your completed assignments and a detailed account of your grievance and we will refund your investment. We want people here who want to be here. And we hope that's you. In the event that it isn't, we understand and wish you the best.


“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”  ― Stephen King, On Writing


Let's get to work ✍🏻