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Things I get asked a lot, but also some I don't.

Is it true that you turned your wedding into an email marketing case study?

Yup. And Copyhackers wrote it up right here.

What books do you recommend on marketing, sales, and copy?

How can I catch up on old episodes of #HAMYAW?

Click right here 🙂

Is it true that #HAMYAW fans drunk binge watch the show?

We hear it's the best way to watch it. 

Will you be on my podcast?

Probably yes. Email hello[at]thatseemsimportant[dot]com with details and we'll get something set up 😉

Will you speak at my event?

If it's awesome. Email hello[at]thatseemsimportant[dot]com and tell me why you'd like me to speak at your event and we'll work something out.

What do you normally speak about?

  • How to Write Newsletters People Actually Read
  • How To Get People To Open Your Emails and Click on Your Ads
  • Honest Selling Secrets: How to Be Good at Sales Without Compromising Your Ethics
  • The Advanced Basics of Copywriting
  • Why This Works: Ad Teardowns - Discover what makes an ad actually work

Will you be on my panel?

Oh heck yes, I love a panel. HMU at hello[at]thatseemsimportant[dot]com.

Do you do corporate consulting?

Mmhmm. I'll train your staff on writing for the internet, streamlining your email marketing, writing emails that actually convert, and reviewing Facebook and Instagram ads. Email hello[at]thatseemsimportant[dot]com with what you need and we'll make it happen.

Can I buy things from you?

Yes, you can: Right here 🙂

Where can I find the best cookies in Manhattan?

Levain, obvi.

Where can I listen to podcasts you’ve been on?

Knock yourself out:

Ridiculously Human Podcast: My full, unedited story. From childhood to now.
Everyone Hates Marketers: 3 No-BS Principles for Unforgettable Marketing with Margo Aaron
Feisworld: Making the Jump From Agency World to Entrepreneur
The Copywriter Club: Learning The Stuff That Isn't Written Down
Channel Mastery: We talk how brick-and-mortar can benefit (big time) from digital

Why is this not an accordion style FAQ?

Really. 🧐

What books do you recommend on writing, marketing, and entrepreneurship?

Will you and Hillary yell at my website?

With pleasure. Hit us up at hello[at]hamyaw[dot]com for details. #HAMYAW