What You Need to Learn Isn’t Written Down.  

You Don't Need Another Course - You Need A Tribe.

You know that saying, “You’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with?” I remember hearing that for the first time and going, “Well, $%^@.”  

It took me years before I found the tribe of people I felt “got me” and what I was trying to build.  

The difference between having friends who “get it” and friends who don’t is the difference between success and failure.  

You don’t need tactics, books, or more courses (you’ve taken enough of those). You need people to help you stay the course.  

You need peers who normalize your weird behaviors like being overly-excited about what you learned at a conference, regularly listening to 2-hour long podcasts, and bringing notepads to dinner parties.  

It’s a weird angle, but that’s me ignoring the food and taking notes at dinner #weirdo 

Every other mastermind or braintrust I joined was either full of wantrepreneurs or obsessed with vanity metrics.  

They weren’t my people.  

I wanted people who were playing the long game, not searching for the latest “hack.” People who cared about their customers and the quality of what they put out in the world.  

I wanted people who didn’t look at me with blank stares and say, “What do you mean by ‘platform?'” when I told them I was building a platform.  

People who said, "Awesome! There’s this great article on KISSmetrics that says blahblahblah...I’ll forward it to you." 

I found my people. Now I want to help you find yours.

If you want to meet other like minded entrepreneurs who speak your language, understand what you’re trying to build, and challenge you to amplify your voice and your impact - you’re in the right place. 

Welcome to the Arena. The Virtual Co-Working Space for Solopreneurs With Online Businesses

Here you’ll find people who: 

  • Know what a Lead Magnet is
  • Don’t say, “Who’s that?” when you say Seth Godin
  • Are down to jump on Skype with you to chat launch strategy 
  • Will geek out with you on a ConversionXL article 
  • Know how not sexy entrepreneurship really is 
  • Have real businesses and fail often
  • Are over 30 and are supporting their families

There are also: Expert Roundtables: Once a month, a Subject Matter Expert discusses the logistics of something we’re all “supposed" to know but don’t actually know, like SEO, Copywriting, Design, VA hiring, Accounting…They are recorded and distributed to you, so you can dissect it on your own time.  

Curated Introductions: Every month, you'll get a personal introduction to a fellow co-worker who I think you’ll get along with and can help your business or growth. I’ll facilitate the introduction and make sure you guys meet IRVL (in real, virtual, life), that way you’ll see some familiar names when you get into the Water Cooler.

The Water Cooler: You get a dedicated Slack room for “water cooler” chat where you can vent, share articles, brag about wins your husband won't understand, have personal jokes, and avoid doing work just like if you were in a real office.  

There’s also a dedicated Zoom room where you get to talk about the less sexy parts of your business or project. What’s not working, why you’re stuck, what hiring decision you botched, and how confusing SEO actually is...  

Weekly Roundup: A personal email of all the cool (or uncool, we don’t care) things going on in your coworkers lives, threads you should pay attention to in the Water Cooler, and more. Just in case you had a busy week and didn’t have time (or energy…or desire) to participate, we will come to you 😃  

IRVL Events: "In Real Virtual Life" Events are things like virtual happy hours, brainstorm sessions, and (my personal fave) Marketing Strategy Smackdowns where we rip apart someone's marketing plan to help make it better.

In-person Meetups: When there is a critical mass in one geographic region, I’ll host a meetup so we can mingle in person before going back into our virtual worlds. How frequent these are will depend on where our co-workers are.  

You’ll also get access to other people’s brains, which is what you're really looking for. 

"The Arena is one of those things that I didn't know was missing from my life, until I found it.  

During my first hot seat for an upcoming product launch, I got more actionable advice and perspective in an hour than I could have ever imagined. Had I hired each person from the Arena who consulted on my launch, it would have cost me thousands of dollars.  

The community has helped me cut through the isolation of working on my own. Outside of work, I have a vibrant social life. At work though, I often find myself feeling lonely and like no one understands what I do for a living (or why it's stressful). I can't tell you how much nicer life is when you have a community of peers to share victories, failures, and ideas with throughout the day.  

Lastly, it's improved my network. I don't really know how Margo does it, but every person in the Arena is both generous and a true expert in their field. Having access to these people is invaluable.  

I'll make it simple for you: if Margo approves your application to the Arena, join." 

- Jason Connell, Arena Member, Founder of JasonConnell.co

In the Arena, you can casually ask people:

  • “Hey, can you help me with this subject line?” 
  • “Hey, what podcast should I pitch for this launch?” 
  • “Hey, is this CTA strong enough?” 

And they will know the answer.  

That’s what this is for : To connect you with people like you.

This is the tribe for people who are “in the Arena.” (see Teddy quote below)  

Whether you sell your content or distribute it for free.  

Whether you write it, video it, podcast it, or snapchat it.  

We don’t care.  

As long as you’re “in the Arena,” creating quality content, products, and services, and putting them out into the world - this is where you belong.  

The Arena is an application-only virtual co-working space. We only accept legitimate solopreneurs fighting in the trenches every day - no wantrepreneurs and no one whose brand precedes them.  

If you're like me, you've been in masterminds and braintrusts (some costing $5,000 a year) where the members disappointed you. That's why I personally vet every applicant to make sure they are aligned in values, work ethic, worldview, and commitment to excellence. I don't accept anyone who is not a good fit. 

The quality of our coworkers is the greatist asset our space.

There is nothing more important to me than making sure this is the most valuable community you've ever been a part of. 

So...how much does this virtual coworking space cost? 

Traditional physical coworking spaces cost upwards of $900/month if you want a dedicated desk. Even then, the benefits are the physical space and not the community. Masterminds and braintrusts are equally out-of-control with prices ranging from $67/month to $5,000-$10,000 for entry into an "elite" club.

The Arena virtual coworking space is not an elite club. We don't measure success by your media coverage - we care about what you've done

That’s why the Arena is only $597 for 3-months of membership (that's $199/month). We are selective with who we accept and this price acts as a filter for people who aren’t serious about contributing to the community, but isn't so much that we attract status-obssessed wantrepeneus who don't have real businesses.

If you're looking for a tribe of legitimate business owners who are working to make a difference and make a profit, this is the tribe for you. 

"The most valuable part of the TSI Arena is the connections I've made. 

Having a space to ask #dumbquestions and to talk to people ~outside of my niche/area/specialty~ about online business and get feedback and actually SEE how valuable what I'm doing is. 

I wasn't able to see that before, in all honesty. Even when we started I was still largely wrapped up in my own head, wondering if I had anything of value to bring. If what I was saying or doing was "right" or "good enough" or anything like that. 

And I can see now how needed I am. And that's been invaluable." 

- Kat Denan, Arena Member, Founder Startup Funnel Strategist 

Once you apply, if you qualify, I’ll personally reach out to you to schedule a Skype chat to chat logistics and answer any questions you have about the community and what it offers.  

I look forward to welcoming you to the tribe,  



We work really hard to make sure everyone gets immense value from the connections they build and the community we cultivate. If you find that after the first month that you are not getting value from the community (life happens, I get it), I will have you fill out a quick survey and then refund your entire fee and relieve you of any payment obligations.  

It's important to me and to the rest of the community that only people who want to be here are here.