Margo Aaron has won many participation trophies. She has no New York Times best-selling books and has not won a Nobel Prize for her achievements in science. In fact, she is not a scientist at all.

Aaron has survived endless scrutiny from friends and family, who have accused her of “over thinking” and “overanalyzing” and “seriously, will you just drop it already?” To which she boldly declares in their face: “No.”

Aaron has overcome a lot in her 30 years on this planet. She got a stomach virus this year that lasted 5 whole days, she endured the Revenant, and she lives among us each day as a Day Walker.

Like all good millennials, she knows her opinion matters more than her qualifications and that the world has been waiting to hear from her, specifically. So she started this site. Because…the internet.

Research says you need credibility indicators and social proof in order to trust me. So here are some of those things. For more of them, you can stalk me on LinkedIn:

  • M.A. Psychology from Columbia University
  • B.A. from Emory University
  • altMBA 2017
  • Spent a few years as a market researcher and strategic planner for fancy Fortune 500 companies
  • Student of Direct Response Marketing
  • Founded Argotics LLC, a boutique marketing consultancy in 2014
  • Run a virtual co-working space for content creators with online businesses

Currently, I spend my free time analyzing persuasive copy for fun. And writing important things on this website.

If you’d like to “pick my brain” you can do so here.